As A Therapist, I Won’t:
Give you advice or tell you what to do
Make you feel inferior, like you don’t have a clue
Wave my magic wand to make the pain disappear
Guarantee that everything will always become clear
Work with you in a judgemental manner
Pretend that I have all the answers
Try and be an expert of your own life
Ever undervalue your times of strife
As A Therapist, I Will:
Work with you to form a relationship of trust
Listen to you, showing you respect is a must
Create a safe place for you to talk
Never presume, in your shoes I have walked
Admit that I don’t know it all
Remind you of your strengths, if you feel like you might fall
Encourage you to see your own self-worth
Comfortably sit with you if you feel times are getting tough on this Earth


Look a Little

Therapy that will encourage you to explore in more detail how you allow others and past events to influence your life today. 

Working in collaboration, we will explore your feelings deeper and you will be challenged to explore yourself in more depth.

A Matter of Perception

Through a wealth of experience of the counsellor, therapy will encourage you to interpret your perception of the world and people around you. 

It will encourage you to make any changes you would like and will always draw on the concept that you are the expert in your own life.

NHS Concession Rates

In order to show support to our NHS I offer reduced rates to NHS staff for a set amount of sessions. 

I offer fair and competitive fees for secure and professional online and telephone counselling from an experienced and competent counsellor.

Online Consultations

The confidential therapy is offered via a secure platform from the counsellor’s office in order to fit in around your daily life. 

Therapy generally occurs weekly at a recurring set time. I offer a variety of working hours and hope that my availability will be able to find a fit with you so that we can work together.